New Beginnings in Kenya
Breaking the Cycle of Dependency

Why Kenya?

There are an estimated 1.9 million orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya as a result of HIV and AIDS, which remains the country’s single biggest health care challenge.

Children still face major challenges in Kenya, ranging from child labor, harmful traditional practices like forced early marriage and female genital mutilation, poor access to education and healthcare, and a lack of protection from many different types of abuse.


Update on First Day of School at Our Journey Sunshine Jr. Academy - March 26, 2018

We are beyond excited! The day has arrived after so much hard work, love prayers and support. Today, is the first day the children are attending their new school. To say the least, everyone is so excited, check out the pictures. This building project was beyond our expectations, remember this school was built with no power tools, no cement truck delivery and pouring of the concrete. It was built with hard manual labor and so much love. There were many carts being pulled by donkey teams carrying all the stuff from the old school to the new school. Women from the community have replanted the new school garden. The teachers have gone beyond being teachers, they have been there every step of the way! The cooks, security people, grounds keepers and Lucy who made sure every flower that was planted at the old school was replanted at the new school. Women from the community have replanted the new school garden.

Pastor David and Anne, you all put this all together, thank you so much. Pastor Andy, you have overseen this building project and stayed up many nights and very early mornings taking calls from Pastor David (9 hours difference) and making sure everything was going smooth. Alex Ngugi, you have been a life saver, so many times you were at our beck and call In Njoro, Kenya about our finances. You took on so much more than you ever signed up for. Lawrence Juma, without your hard work we would not have our working permits and we would not have found this beautiful piece of land for our new school I love each one of you!

Currently, we fund a small preschool (Early Childhood Development Center) in the farming town of Njoro just outside of Nakuru. We also work with our mothers to help them stand on their own two feet so they can provide for themselves and their children.

In what started as a feeding and blanket ministry 10 years ago in Kenya, we now entirely fund the Our Journey Sunshine Junior Academy. The blanket and shoe project will always be part of Our Journey mission work! In the past year, we have been able to purchase our own land and begin construction on a new school building for our students.

Our acreage will allow us to be totally self-sustainable through maintaining our own gardens and give us area to grow when needed. Our hope is to use this facility to not only serve our students and families, but also serve as a hub for the surrounding community--providing community meals and literacy classes.

For many of our students, their only meal comes from attending school. Parents, mostly mothers, work day labor jobs in the fields for hardly any pay. We never turn a student away because of their lack of ability to pay school fees. March 26, 2018 To help us finish our new school, we have a need for more funding for many projects that still need to be completed. Our Journey needs a helping hand so we can better use our funds for school supplies for our children and teachers.

These people are the loves of my life…there would be no Our Journey without them and the Our Journey Board of Directors, Teddie Martin and Fred Mills.  

Our Journey, Inc. is a non-profit organization currently working in Kenya with community-based programs emphasizing self-reliance for families and children decimated by AIDS.