Alternative Gift Giving Project


Our Journey is providing alternative ways for you to help. The needs are great - please consider donating to one of our various projects. Below are some suggestions.

$4.00 donation will purchase a chicken for a woman to start her own small business, helping to break the cycle of dependency

$5.00 donation = 1 pair of shoes for a child

$13.00 donation buys 1 blanket

$50.00 donation= 300 cabbages

$50.00 will also buy seeds and tools for a grandmother raising orphaned grandchildren that will enable her to start a garden; not only providing basic foods but much needed income when any excess is sold.

$54.00 = 110 pound bag of beans

$56.00 = 198 pounds of maize flour (corn grain and a main staple in Africa)


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If you as an individual or a member of a civic or church group would like to adopt any of these Our Journey Projects in Africa, please contact Maureen at


Maureen Ahern

Our Journey, Inc

Our Journey, Inc. is a non-profit organization currently working in Kenya with community-based programs emphasizing self-reliance for families and children decimated by AIDS.