Please give Our Journey a helping hand with our 2017 OJ Angels.


Our Angels are handmade for Our Journey by women who live in Njoro, Kenya; they live in a village nearby our school “OJ Sunshine Jr Academy”. Some have children attending our school. They rely on us to feed their children a meal each day, they have no money to feed them. They now are standing on their own two feet and can do this themselves. They come to the school a couple of times a week to make the Angels, Our Journey purchases the Angels for $2.00 each, we then bring them to the states to sell at $10.00 each. The profit after paying the ladies for the angels goes directly back to our school to help with expenses. Our Journey paid for the supplies to make the angels for the first 2 orders, now they can purchase their own supplies. These women are now hands up not hands out! Most of these women are head of household and are guardians of orphan/vulnerable children.

Will you help sell these Angels with us? I can mail or give you as many angels as you think you can sell at your local schools, church, neighborhoods or at work. Together, we can help these women become self-sustainable. Please message me if you are interested with your address and number of angels you want to try and sell. These OJ Angels can be sold all year long, they are good for many things.

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This is a photo of our new school - “Our Journey Sunshine Jr. Academy”

Please give us a helping hand! By purchasing Angels you help women and children in Njoro, Kenya.

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Our Journey, Inc. is a non-profit organization currently working in Kenya with community-based programs emphasizing self-reliance for families and children decimated by AIDS.