New Beginnings - Kenya

"Breaking the Cycle of Dependency"

Exciting things are happening in Kenya in! Thirty women are planting their own gardens and many more are keeping chickens and selling the eggs. These ladies are starting their own small business; they are working toward self-reliance.

The local Pastors Our Journey partner with in Kenya would like to introduce you to some of the women that your donations are helping to break the cycle of dependency.

Pastor David & Anne would like to introduce Josephine Omwaka, the lady with the green cup drinking porridge at SunshineFeeding Center. Our Journey has assisted her by buying her a sack of charcoal for her to start her own small business. The funds came fromthe profit of the ChickenProject from selling eggs. Her business has improved and she is giving back the 1000 shillings so that we can purchase a sack of potatoes for another lady called Mama Ann.


Maria Wambui has been a widow for 25 years. After post-election violence she lost everything she ever had and has been working hard to support her daughter's children single-handed. She is now very sick and having a hard time helping them anymore due to sickness. John is working with her in the garden. He is 12 years old; he skips school and goes to work to help the grandmother. Our Journey will help her though the Ladies at Sunshine School to do the farming to help sustain the family so that John will go to school. Maria is showing us the blanket she received from Our Journey


Priscilla and Jessica have been cooking for the children at Sunshine School as Volunteers. They are keeping and caring for 2 grand children who are affected and infected with HIV Aids. They will be helped with seeds to start their own gardens from Our Journey and will give back the seeds when they are harvested to give to more ladies; helping them to break the cycle of dependency. These two ladies are part of 10 ladies who were given peas and beans to plant their own gardens.



Agneta is a "good Samaritan" who has been helping a grandmother named Miriam who was very sick; we did not realize how bad off she was until we returned to take her to the hospital. sad to report she passed away a few days ago. We will be attending Miriam's burial tomorrow. She has left behind seven children. Agneta will be caring for all seven of Miram's children on her own. Our Journey will be supporting her with seeds to plant on Miriam's small piece of land to help feed these children.


This is Hannah Chebet. She is a widow and taking care of six grandchildren, her three daughters have died of HIV Aids, Our Journey has been supporting her with food and blankets and now we are trusting God to give her seeds to plant to be able to continue caring for the children and stand on her two feet.



With Our Journey's help, local Pastor Julius has worked on a Business Plan for 12 women to start their own small business in 2014; they have agreed to pay the loans back at $4.00 per month until the loan is paid back in full.


Our Journey mentored Pastor Julius in 2013 to start his own business. We are pleased to announce his Posho Mill Project has been a complete success, and in less than a years' time has more than doubled their expected profit. In 2014 Pastor Julius will mentor these women in their businesses.


Pastor Ken is working on a Chicken Business. He is planning on selling the eggs, and as the profit grows, he will purchase up to 300 more chickens. His dream is to help his people break the chain of dependency by helping them start small businesses such as; selling vegetables, selling roasted maize, selling second hand clothes, raising chickens etc.


Thus far Our Journey has given out in Kenya over 6,000 blankets and 3,000 pairs of shoes. With your help and the hard work of these wonderful Pastors we are bringing HOPE where there was none. They are feeding starving children that are living at dumps sites, refugee camps and slum area,s and also feeding 84 vulnerable/orphan children a meal every school day at Sunshine School. Each of the three Pastors are farming Our Journey Community Gardens, we are currently leasing a total of 14 acres of farm land. The 3 Our Journey Community Gardens allow people to work for food and it also helps supplement all of Our Feeding Programs. Your donations are making a difference in the lives of these forgotten children.


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Maureen Ahern

Our Journey, Inc

Our Journey, Inc. is a non-profit organization currently working in Kenya with community-based programs emphasizing self-reliance for families and children decimated by AIDS.