What We Are Doing

Essential Projects now in progress in Kenya

Community Gardens/ Feeding Projects

In targeted communities with severely limited work capacities, the community gardens are managed and worked by the local African people and school children. They maintain these gardens, and the crops grown help to supplement the feeding programs that Our Journey, Inc. is supporting. These gardens add nutritional value to the food served to the children; for most of these children, it is their only meal.

Blanket Project

There are a growing number of orphaned children in desperate need of proper living conditions. The blanket project supports families to combat harsh living conditions. The distribution of blankets has motivated the communities and shown them that despite racial and political differences, there are people who care deeply about their well-being. The Lord our God can be experienced all the time when one gives. The distribution of the blankets will always be done hands-on by an Our Journey volunteer.

School Uniforms & School Supplies

Most areas in Africa require children to have a school uniform, for some families that is almost next to impossible to supply. Our Journey helps supply school uniforms for orphans and vulnerable children so they can attend school.

Our Journey, Inc. supports the children by supplying them with educational materials. We believe that if we improve the social welfare of these children, their performance in class will also improve - hence raising good leaders of tomorrow.




Our Journey, Inc. is a non-profit organization currently working in Kenya with community-based programs emphasizing self-reliance for families and children decimated by AIDS.